• Worshop avec Joey Miles

    Workshop avec Joey Miles 18-19 mars



    Alignment without Rigidity. In this weekend of workshops Joey will help you to explore how to find a balance between the graceful fluidity of Ashtanga practice and attention to alignment typical of the Iyengar yoga system.


    Saturday 18 mars 10.30 – 13.00

    Standing Poses: Firmness and Fluidity


    In this class you will explore the interplay between earth and water: firmness and fluidity in practice. In learning key actions and alignment points for the standing poses you will discover rules which can be applied to all other poses in the Ashtanga sequence.


    Saturday 18 mars 14.30 -17.00

    Shoulder Opening & Inversions


    Inverted poses and the finishing sequence are often neglected in the traditional Ashtanga system. In this class we will dedicate time to opening the shoulder girdle and understanding the key actions required for stable and easeful inversions. This learning will then be applied as you practice handstand, headstand and shoulderstand.


    Sunday 19 mars 10.30 – 13.00

    Led Counted Primary Series


    The Ashtanga counted method encourages students to practice in a steady rhythmic flow. Emphasis is placed on breath and drsti (gaze point), which helps to sharpen the concentration. Use this class to integrate everything you have learnt in the Saturday workshops into flowing practice and enjoy the strong group energy as you practice in harmony.


    Sunday 19 mars 14.30 -17.00

    Restorative Yoga & Pranayama

    After an intensive weekend of dynamic yoga practice, this session will allow time for resorption. You will feel the benefits of the dynamic practice as you use supported poses to gently create openness in the body and facilitate relaxation. Once an atmosphere of stillness and introversion has been created, guided pranayama practice will lead you towards a profoundly peaceful state.


    Tarifs :

    workshop complet (4 sessions)          180€

    sessions individuelles                             50€

    Pour vous inscrire envoyer un chèque à l'ordre de Yoga Colibri en précisant les sessions auxquelles vous souhaitez participer 

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