• Paris Workshop with Gregor Maehle

    Integrating the Eight limbs into a cohesive whole

    14 et 15 septembre 2019

    Two-days workshop with Gregor Maehle in Paris
    Integrating the eight limbs into a cohesive whole


    Saturday september 14 2019

    10.30am – 1.00pm

    Led asana Class

    Asana is the bedrock from which all other yogic techniques arise. It forms the base from which success in higher yogic techniques can be integrated. Gregor will use both Led (Technical Talk-Through) and Mysore-style. During the Technical Talk-Through we will analyse the anatomical details of the postures and to break down the various phases of entering and exiting the postures into their constituents. Through inducing precision this format also achieves that students practice the postures safely without encountering demerit.

    2.00pm – 4.30pm

    Yoga Sutra 

    The Yoga Sutra is the operating manual of yoga. It is only when we understand the why’s and how’s of yoga that we will practice with confidence and beyond doubt. In this class we will chant selected stanzas in Sanskrit and a detailed commentary based on Gregor’s four decades of practice and study will be given. The commentary will retain the depth of the ancient treatises but will be fun, relatable and applicable to modern urban life.


    sunday september 15 2019

    10.30am – 1.00pm


    Pranayama includes some of the most neglected but yet most powerful methods of yoga. Pranayama is the vital link that connects asana to meditation without which the combined benefit of both cannot be harvested. Learn how to use pranayama to harmonize the doshas (humors of the body) and thus attain a state of health and balance as well as how to still the mind, enabling spiritual insight.


    2.30pm – 5.00pm


    Meditation is the method of bringing your mind into a receptive state? so that you can receive higher knowledge that is already there. Yogic meditation is a collection of scientific methods to bring about such awareness. Kundalini-raising techniques consist of a combination of all other yogic means to raise the life force (prana) to a level where meditation is easy and spiritual insight becomes spontaneous.



    Yoga Colibri, 7 rue Notre Dame de Bonne Nouvelle 75002 Paris for all sessions.


    230€ full workshop 4 sessions.

    If you are able to commit to the full course then it is recommended as it will be progressive. Priority booking will be given to those doing so.

    Cancellation Fees:
    In all Cases – 30€
    cancellation between 01.06.2019 – 31.07.2019 – 50% refund
    cancellation after 31.08.2019 – No Refund

    More information about Gregor at www.8limbs.com

    To book a place or make enquiries:

    For the french residents please send a check with order Yoga Colibri using the adress Yoga Colibri, 7 rue Notre Dame de Bonne Nouvelle 75002 Paris

     Gregor Maehle books : https://www.amazon.fr/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_c_2_13?__mk_fr_FR=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=gregor+maehle&sprefix=gregor+maehle%2Caps%2C130&crid=B4CW4GNWCDUR